The price is for one person in DBL room. Hotels are in the centre of the city Excursions are conducted by qualified drivers in comfortable transport. During the excursions participants will be treated with soft drinks and rolls. Do not miss the chance to relax and see the most beautiful places in Armenia.

202.87 USD

Day 1: Airport transfer to the hotel Arrival in Yerevan. Meeting at the airport. Sightseeing tour around the capital Yerevan. Welcome dinner at the national restaurant. Accommodation in a hotel in the center of Yerevan.

Day 2: Etchmiadzin-Zvartnots Breakfast at the hotel. The tour starts at 10:00. A trip to the most sacred place for every Armenian - the Armenian Vatican - Echmiadzin is the official residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians. Since the adoption of Christianity by Armenians, the throne of the Catholicos of All Armenians was located here. In this place, many significant Christian shrines are stored: a spear pierced by Christ, a particle of Noah's Ark and the Hand of St. Gregory the Illuminator. You will also visit the St. Gayan's Basilica of 603, the Church of St. Hripsime in 618 and the later church of St. Shokagat. All these churches, together with the main cathedral of Etchmiadzin, are included in the list of cultural heritage of the UNESCO. On the way back - an inspection of the ruins of the ancient cathedral of Zvartnots. Return to the hotel. Near the square of Etchmiadzin there is a cathedral, which was founded in 301 AD. Return to Yerevan.

Day 3: Free day Breakfast at the hotel. Free day. If you want, you can book an excursion. Return to Yerevan.

Day 4: Transfer to the airport. Breakfast in the hotel. Dependence on time visit the Vernissage souvenir market, where you can buy gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, and other handmade products made of wood, stones, including. semiprecious, silver and other materials (the opening day works only on Saturdays and Sundays). We visit the famous indoor market where you can buy national sweets, herbs, condiments, in the season - fruits, vegetables. Airport transfer. Departure. Bon Voyage!!

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